Yaesu ft 950 updating cable delhi dating portal

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Yaesu ft 950 updating cable

It cannot be used with transceivers for use overseas ( !! 1 Important Notes, 4th par., of the FTdx-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual edition of the 02/02/2013) (….perhaps it … ) YAESU FTdx-3000D Video by WP4 MPV Monitoriando Sur Africa el 10 de Enero del 2013 en la banda de 17m 18.150 como a las UTC con un Deltaloop de cable.

Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo(amp), width, r.filters, ect.

Plus, when mated with the LDG AT-897Plus tuner and built in power supply or batteries, it's hard to beat for portable operations.

If this rig can be said to have an Achilles' heal it would likely be in the area of reliability.

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I have several RS232 cables laying around but they are all DB9F to DB9M config.

In my experience most DB9F to DB9F are null-modem cables and I don't believe that is what is required.

Anyway, I have a gender changer and tried that along with the DB9F to DB9M to make it DB9F on both ends. I know the com port works but tried another PC with the same results.

I did look at Micro Center and Radio Shack and neither have a DB9F to DB9F that isn't a null modem cable.

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Another caveat: this is one of the most menu-intensive radios I've ever owned.

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