Xcode provisioning profiles not updating

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Xcode provisioning profiles not updating

The other profiles are pulled by , but this specific team profile is missing in match. It looks like this profile is generated by xcode when using Automated Code Signing like you say.How will that profile be downloadable if it's local to x Code only?This is not the same API used by the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page.Fastlane uses Xcode's API to fetch these profiles, so you'll be able to download the invisible ones as well using @koxon Xcode uses an undocumented API to create, manage and download these profiles.offers this tool: https://github.com/bitrise-tools/codesigndoc This tool allows you to run a clean "archive" build and then exports all the provisioning profiles for the specified target.The Team provisioning profile is part of all the provisioning profiles files exported.

It's generated when you open a project that is not backed by an Xcode team provisioning profile, or if that profile needs to be repaired (for example, if you've added new entitlements to the project or if the profile expired).

@Status Report you think that will solve my problem?

I am doing automatic code signing on my project and when running on my CI (bitrise.io) it requires the Team provisioning profile for the target I'm building, which is apparently generated by Xcode during the build.

I've taken a look and it seems that it should be indeed quite straightforward to implement. On my CI I need to manually upload the team provisioning profiles which is very cumbersome as I have dozens of targets. So, is this profile dynamically generated during the "Clean Archive" build or can I download it somewhere?

If you'll be willing to merge this, we will definitely be happy to contribute. And, will sigh/match be able to download/generate this profile somehow?

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Here's an example of such profile: This profile is visible when Xcode fetches the provisioning profiles from the private API Hey @Krause Fx!