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Www backgrounddating com

======================django-qrauth allows you to easily spice up your website with instant user authentication: once a user has signed in on their Mac or PC, they can pick up their smartphone (or tablet, i Pod, etc: actually, anything that has Internet access, a camera and a QR code scanning application should work), scan a QR code (which appears on the display after the user clicks the corresponding link) and immediately sign in on their smartphone or other mobile device they use (so they don’t have to enter the site address, their login/email and password).![A screenshot: scanning an authentication QR code on an Android phone]("Scanning an authentication QR code on an Android phone")You can see the detailed walkthrough in [this screencast](For example: AUTH_QR_CODE_REDIS_KWARGS = Also, make sure that [LOGIN_URL](https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/settings/#login-url) has a correct value.Otherwise, users can be redirected to a page that does not exist (for example, if someone not authenticated tries to open the page with the QR code).How to test===========If you want to test this locally, make sure that your local web server is available from your mobile device.For example, if your computer and your mobile device are both connected to the same LAN, you should specify your LAN IP address (something like or if you want the web server to listen on all network interfaces) in order to make the web server listen on this address.For instance, it would be even worse to accidentally let an attacker know the user’s password (if the user is prompted for the password on a page with some attacker’s JS) than just let them obtain a new session (which only means access to the account, without the password being exposed). You can do that by adding the [SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER](https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/settings/#secure-proxy-ssl-header) setting and supplying the corresponding header from the reverse proxy (but don’t forget to _always_ set or strip this header, in all the requests the reverse proxy sends to the upstream: otherwise, say, if your website is available via both HTTP and HTTPS, then a user opening the website via HTTP will be able to set this header at the client side, so request.is_secure() will return True, which is not good from the point of security).

However, the WHZ area isn’t consistent in delineating flammable vegetation, land features, and other fire behavior factors inside Ashland.Note that some QR code readers try to prefetch the page’s contents (e.g.to show you the page title), so the QR code will become invalid when you actually open the URL in your web browser.Each QR code is valid for 300 seconds (5 minutes) by default.If you want to change this behavior, change the value of AUTH_QR_CODE_EXPIRATION_TIME setting. For example: AUTH_QR_CODE_EXPIRATION_TIME = 600 # Ten minutes If you want to specify the page where the user should be redirected after successfully signing in with a QR code, you have to set the URL using the AUTH_QR_CODE_REDIRECT_URL setting.

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You can set it in the admin interface (/admin/sites/site/).

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