Wireless connection validating identity

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Wireless connection validating identity

If you have money for a i Phone or a nice big phone yeah maybe you shouldn't be on a free gov lifeline plan lol.. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I first got mine.they allow you to switch to the low grade smartphones that are on the list on their website. yes the phone that they send you to start your service that phone is horrible lol... AND I bet the majority do, too, except for a few idiots who haven't gotten screwed over, YET!!! In regards to my comments on April 17 of Assurance texting me to make a call ASAP or I could lose my service. I need my minutes for important calls to my many doctors, etc. They don't get free service, but get many texts free! And don't get me wrong, I know that the poor in this country are treated worse than impoverished individuals in nearly all other first world nations, but shouldn't we reserve our anger for areas where there is an actual injustice?I have a backup LG that I just use on my wifi at home and wanted to transfer my Assurance plan to that phone.It's a Boost phone, but for some reason even though both are Sprint it couldn't be done.They really need to allow you to use any phone as long as it's compatible with the Sprint network.

So, the only reason they do this with the phones is because they offer unlimted talk and text while the other companies don't. It use to be with Virgin Mobile, then Sprint took over. I just felt kinda gross reading all the comments complaining and moaning about how terrible it is to be getting a fairly decent pocket computer from the government for free.

and now no out let will servi or replace it .it sprint or is it phone is it ..do you contact peolpe baout it ... JUST TO MAKE A CALL SOMETIMES WILL MAKE ME FRUSTRATED BECAUSE OF ALL THE PROBLEMS WITH THE PHONE. I THINK THESE REPS JUST READ FROM A SCRIPT OR SOMETHING. I KEPT ASKING FOR A SUPERVISOR AND SHE WOULD JUST KEEP SAYING THERE WAS NOTHING A SUP COULD DO FOR ME AND KEPT TO HER STUPID SCRIPT!! I have been assurance a long time and its onr of tbe best and worst services even i have the plan that gave me 750 voice minutes and unlimited text but after a while having data on my phone became a must have due to having a huge family and kids needing to reach me.

Vernon Simpson Help please...it s my life and way to get and keep a job really, Great solution to keep Americans and other job less and home less and in danger with out a phone to even call for 911 it thank corp . SO, AW IS SENDING ME A 3RD SMART PHONE AFTER UPGRADING TO A SMART PHONE LAST NOVEMBER. AFTER MANY CALLS TO AW COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PHONE I FINALLY GOT A COMPETENT REP WHO TOLD ME THERE HAVE BEEN MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS PHONE. ONE OF THE REPS I HAD TO WORK WITH WAS SO HORRIBLE!!! The phones they give are beyond cheap and even if you can afford to upgrade at some point that phone too will be cheap quality I have been dropped to less minutes due to free daya they add but the data is slow to surf nut fast at using up the data we should be able to get same benifits as California residents do.

AT FIRST I WAS EXCITED TO BE UPGRADED UNTIL I STARTED HAVING PROBLEMS!!! SHE KEPT REPEATING HERSELF, TELLING ME IT WAS AN ONGOING ISSUE WITH A TOWER NEAR MY HOME. You add time due to running out of minutes only to be told thry wont rollover i appreciate all i get help with in life but i would appreciate being treated nust as my well to do frllow man is.

If they can provide they need to shut assurance down wirh what what get we can ban together and open our own phone company to help each other in the boat stay a float.

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All I can say is for customers to voice their preferences by shifting to Lifeline providers that support it.