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Owning any firearm, however, is owning a piece history.Whether it be the famous Winchester Repeating Rifle, the Model 70 bolt action hunting rifle or any other make of firearm, owning a firearm is owning a piece of history.Part of it is due to the stories behind these weapons and because a well-made firearm can last centuries.Discovering the history of your Winchester can be an easy, straightforward process that will enhance the enjoyment of ownership. You should be able to identify the make, caliber and type of firearm. Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut, which now produces Winchester brand rifles and shotguns under license from Olin Corporation.

There was also a 9422M version that held 11 rounds of .22 WMR.A later variation, the Model 9217, was chambered for the .17 HMR.Its features included a solid-top receiver grooved for scope mounts, angled ejection (even before the Model 94 had it), a hammer with a detachable thumb extension for use with an attached scope, and a much-favored half-cock instead of the 94’s rebounding hammer.Sometimes old or refurbished firearms will have different serial numbers on different parts.An older weapon with matching serial numbers throughout will be more valuable than firearm rebuilt with parts from different firearms. You can find the year a Winchester rifle was made by doing a database search free on the Internet.

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The website has a handy database for Winchester arms including lever-action rifles such as Model 1873, slide-action models such as the Model 61, bolt action rifles such as the Model 70, semi-automatics and shotguns.

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