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The prospect of meeting Richard Branson leaves me with something of a conundrum, as it must anyone lucky enough to steal some of his time.Even though I have no unique business proposition to offer, I still feel compelled to pitch something to him, anything, rather than miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.He’s still very much at the forefront of all his companies and, despite being in Washington the day before and due in Barbados the day after, he still managed to fire the starting gun at the first Festival of Sport in Hackney earlier this year.And, true to his word, it was indeed a family affair, as Richard’s own children Holly and Sam were there, along with his four grandchildren. ‘We at Virgin are on a mission to get people moving, to break down barriers to participation and encourage everyone to get active.It’s the start of an experiment and another opportunity to create a little bit of magic.’ At the age of 66 – he’s 67 this month – and despite being the only person in the world to build eight, billion-dollar companies in eight separate sectors, Richard still wants to make a difference.‘When I stop enjoying it, I’ll stop doing it,’ he says.‘We were about to open our first Virgin Active health club in the north of England some years ago and on the day we were due to open, the whole place burned down.It was a huge setback, but the team managed to rebuild it.

I’m an entrepreneur first, so am always interested to hear new ideas, whether being pitched to me on a plane, on a bike or over a meal.’ So when my lightbulb moment does eventually occur, I ask, what should I do?

Some years later, I was in the bath when I got a call from Nelson Mandela.

He told me the largest health club chain in South Africa was going bust, with 4,000 people about to be out of work.

They’re totally committed and when positive values are instilled in your team, they feel empowered and encouraged.

‘A lot of companies say that of their colleagues, but we really live and breathe it.

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‘My advice to any entrepreneur who is pitching their business idea is to keep it clear, show your strengths and explain what’s in it for your potential partners.’ Indeed, Richard’s latest venture, Virgin Sport, began life when his son-in-law, Freddie, presented the proposal to him a few years ago.

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