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There's only so many times you can watch Sammi and Ronnie fight.

I feel like people think we're completely different, but [we] ended up being pretty alike in a lot of ways." Even though they've been going strong for several months, they are not using the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" just yet.Pauly is one of the few Jersey Shore stars that has managed to stay relevant since the show went off the air.The show was a roaring success for MTV, but it reached a natural conclusion and it was clear that the cast were ready to move on.She practically wanted to be around him all the time and it did cause some issues for the two of them on the show.Pauly opened up about the fact that in previous relationships, he did not think the women were in it for the right reasons with him.

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Heck, even Adele chimed in about the breakup, but she found a way to trick her fans.