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It can breed bitterness and jealousy in some, ill-will curiosity in others, and magnify issues that were never brought to the surface. Time spent with one another is where you have the necessary conversations that allow you to build a foundation on the truth about one another and not the perception of what you believe and/or desire to portray.You can begin to rate and base your relationship off how many likes or comments you receive, asking yourself: are we really suppose to be together? The goal of a relationship should never be to prove that you are in one, but to make sure it’s the right one to be in. The article goes on to share that before meeting her fiancee, Luckett was in a place of prayer, seeking God for something different.

“I wanted to do something different with this relationship because I felt something different about him,” she said.

I was so excited to hear and read of former Destiny’s Child member, and current solo artist, songwriter, and actress, Le Toya Luckett’s recent engagement to Tommicus Walker. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the same result. Because she decided to do something different, not because it was a formula to get a ring, but because it was a different relationship in which both parties desired a different result.

A beautiful black man that we hadn’t seen or heard about until now! Change is doing something different expecting a new result! Luckett was in a long-term relationship and eventually married, author and public speaker, Rob Hillman Sr. It unfortunately ended in divorce after two months, but we saw them everywhere.

Like, don’t end up like him (her deceased husband) that’s not where you wanna be.

Congratulations are in order for Le Toya Luckett, who just announced her engagement to boyfriend Tommicus Walker.

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During the emotional proposal, which was captured by Gavin, the two embraced and kissed one another while loved ones applauded. The Back 2 Life songstress married Rob Hillman in 2015.

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