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GL: You seem excited to be back at Kyle XY, do you and the cast get along well?

Daniel shares them with the whole school, but he didn’t do all that other stuff. I can’t decide if that’s more or less dumb than the Batfleck petitions. It doesn’t help that the website also outed her VP as gay, something he only told Cat, because of course.There was a moment where I thought maybe this was a multiple-personality thing and Cat was doing all this herself without remembering.But this is a Lifetime movie teenager, so I knew that before I started watching. Her mom (Daryl Hannah, duh) is happy for Cat and all her goals, but you can tell she’s also sad about her daughter leaving home.Well, as much as Daryl Hannah’s current face will let her be sad.

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Of course Cat beats Emily in the presidential race and then gets into Brown when Emily doesn’t, because Emily is another word for “red herring.” Since Cat has this crazy idea that she’ll actually want to hang out with her high school BFF in college, she helps Emily contest her rejection with a letter.

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