Who is dexter dating

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His height is somewhat hard to tell what it is naturally because his basic footwear as his 'Signature - Royals' outfit is a pair of high-topped sneakers that actually kind of look almost "boot-like".

According to his artwork, he wears one shoe tied (his right shoe) and the other, left, untied.

This becomes even more pronounced when he talks to Raven Queen, whom he has a crush on, one on one.

At times, he has a tendency to compare himself with his older brother, Daring.

Having a knack for technology, Dexter is often asked to help his fellow students when their Mirror Pad or other gadget stops working.

That being said, he works with Humphrey Dumpty as one of Blondie Lockes's camera crew for her Mirror Cast show, Just Right.

He also wears denim pants or jeans in shades of deep gray.In the destiny conflict, he is on the Royal side because of family loyalty and expectations.Dexter is the younger brother of Daring Charming, another Royal, and older twin brother of his sister Darling Charming, a Rebel.Dexter is slightly taller than Raven Queen, known to have a notable height difference to Apple White, while Dexter is similar to height with Briar Beauty, whose height naturally cannot be determined because the latter always wears very tall, heeled shoes, but is naturally tall.He likes to blend styles as a mixture of formal, to reflect his royal heritage as a prince, and casual, as to reflect he mostly doesn't care how he looks (Unless, of course, he has a special date with Raven).

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He and Humphrey Dumpty appear to be closely acquainted, as Dexter also worked with him to run the voting site for Thronecoming.