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..have to understand, captain, that this drought situation has put the entire water department under a great deal of pressure... [A rainmaker] was spouting off about how he could make it rain...

[on his family history] My grandmother's part Jewish, which makes my mother and myself Jewish, by blood. on my mother's side, my maternal great-grandmother [was Jewish].

The cast did a memorial episode out-of-character for Soo, but Yemana was never killed off in so many words.

Once in a while, he would be mentioned in the past tense, sometimes with an air of wistfulness.

But since Prison Break, which ran from 2005 to 2009, Miller has kept a fairly low profile, and has only had a few minor roles.

He appeared in an episode of the hit series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit last year and stars alongside Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in the upcoming 3D horror film Resident Evil: Afterlife, due out this September.

(Linda Lavin probably would have stayed on too, if she hadn't been offered the lead role in ; she appeared prominently in flashbacks despite being in only five episodes).

The episodes tended to take place entirely within the bleak, ancient squad room of the (fictional) 12th Precinct in New York City's Greenwich Village, as the detectives booked and processed various suspects.

In a novel spinoff of is, like this show, set in the Twelfth Precinct of the NYPD.

In Jo Nesbø's novels of the police murder squad in Norway, Oslo's detective force has its own officer Bjarne Mjølle.

In 2014, it was called the most intelligent and literate U. The chalkboard roster and Jack Soo's coffee cup now reside in the Smithsonian.

Now has a character page for the main cast and recurring characters.

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More than half a dozen cops were "auditioned" this way.