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"I wanted to have the Colin Cowie signature bouquet, which is lilies of the valley," she says.

"And I did." An eight-tier wedding cake was elegantly adorned with roses meticulously crafted from frosting, along with individual flower pots that looked like actual blooms!

"Then on Colin's cue, all of these huge chandeliers of feathers descended with this fanfare of music," Sloan says. It was completely and utterly over the top." And it wasn't over yet!

Colin still had a musical trick up his sleeve—world-famous opera singers serenaded the guests throughout dinner.

Colin dressed the tables with hand-beaded floral silk and vessels overflowing with fresh flowers. The Sam Godfrey masterpiece was designed to match the room with flowers and iron gilding made of sugar.

"It was one of the most extraordinary cakes I think I've ever seen," Colin says.

Whatever your budget, Oprah says Colin's thoughtful details can fuel your imagination and provide great ideas for parties in any price range.

"We would probably never experience another night like this as long as we live," Roger says.

From the green bridesmaid dresses to the green and white tablecloths, Sloan says "everything looked like nature." The structures Colin built for the special day looked like they had been part of the house for years.

He installed a 4,000-square-foot stone floor, which took 21 days to construct, and a matching fountain just for the occasion.

"It really was a masterpiece."Colin says every celebration should have a parting gift, so each of Bob and Urania's 250 guests were given their own mini Sam Godfrey masterpiece.

"The idea is to take something sweet home for a sweet note at the end of the evening," Colin says.

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Three days after the grand ball at the Met, Sloan and Roger's loved ones traveled to her childhood home in Greenwich, Connecticut, for a garden-inspired wedding ceremony.