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Well, they'll be celebrating their four year anniversary this year!

According to the Daily Mail, Caban and Mars began dating back in 2011.

They took their relationship to the next level, and moved into a house in the Hollywood Hills together a mere year later in 2012.

They're apparently still lovers/roommates, which we can glean from the fact that they go on joint grocery shopping trips.

And while many fans had hoped that they would get together again, it looks like Demi Lovato has moved on with a new boyfriend, Bruno Mars.

According to reports, the relationship is being kept under wraps and still in the exploratory phase.

Plus, there have been rumors stemming back for years now that Wilmer Valderrama himself was never an ideal boyfriend.

Yet, he was secretly hoping to meet Demi Lovato in person and hopefully get to know the brunette beauty a little better.After Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama’s breakup, the singer appears to have moved on – perhaps scoring a rebound with hot star Bruno Mars!Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama’s on-again, off-again relationship only meant that the couple couldn’t move on from one another.The 29-year-old, wearing a baseball hat and plaid button-down shirt, was cool and collected as he pointed at the camera with a funny smirk while Jessica, 32, smiled as she held on to her head with both hands.'I want to write better songs, I want to put on better shows, I want to make better music videos.I want my next album to be better than the first and the second,' the star told that's Shanghai last March.

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