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On this week’s episode of Alec Baldwin‘s podcast, the actor interviews comic/actress/writer Amy Schumer about her life, career and sex. They don’t know—they’re confused about their feelings for me. Instead of wanting to be salacious, it is more of a discussion on attraction and desire versus a search for titillating tidbits.The discussion turns to Amy’s popularity with women and sexual fluidity about half-way through. I’m straight, but they sometimes deal with me the way they would a guy that they’re attracted to. Alec Baldwin: People who I work with who are young who shall remain nameless who are listening to this recording right now, they will talk about how people are on a spectrum. Alec Baldwin: Yeah, where you don’t sleep with—as my daughter said to me, because she had a girlfriend for a while, and she said to me, “You don’t sleep with a man or a woman—you sleep with the person. And to Amy’s credit, she’s not dismissive of women’s feelings for her.

While he issued an apology for his remarks, Baldwin soon parted ways with MSNBC.

"And I think I literally, like, urinated in my pants …

I freaked out."Alec remembered Hart telling him to keep his cool and talk to Jackie "like she's a person." Jackie had no problem talking to Alec and even hit him up for any acting tips he had for her son John F.

In their 2004 divorce trial, Baldwin was awarded joint legal custody of his daughter.

In May 2007, however, the courts briefly revoked his visitation rights when his 11-year-old daughter publicized an expletive-strewn phone message he left her in April of that year.

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