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He showed up at a club I was at after we had split and not had contact in a week.me dancing with another guy.a few days later, he’s made it known on his social media that he’s back with someone he dated way before meeting me…”I am so glad I found you…right person…right time” Only thing is…she’s my manager…granted I knew all along they were friends and kept in contact.

After finding this out, I blocked him in every way possible.

I have to see my ex in a few days for an obligation we both committed to before our break up and this blog post eased my heart for that moment and for the future.

I have read TONS on rebound relationships…and I am continually convinced he’s in one.

I really loved him and i genuinely thought he was as happy as i was.

We had just came back from our first big vacation together and we already knew where to go next year..

Thank you for being such a strong role model and helping me to see my value and begun to love myself and put me first. I have experience this with a guy that I’ve dated and could not for the life of me understood how he could jump into a relationship so quickly without ending the relationship.

Your article is so helpful – I read it most days as I find reading and actually believing it takes time. My ex of three years dumped me 4 months ago completely out of the blue two days after his grandma died.

F**K it hurts for sure.I do not want him back…he didn’t treat me very well…I know he hasn’t changed…but UGH he really pushed the pain button in me…thanks for this…My ex moved on within two weeks after telling me he didn’t have enough time in his life for a relationship.

He claims he wasn’t cheating but I don’t know what to believe. He says now he just wants to get married and have a family – he knew that’s what I wanted.

My ex of 6 years moved on less than a week after our break up to the girl he had cheated with and I was doing/thinking/feeling everything you described.

Sometimes I think you’re a mind reader and then I started to realize that more so those without empathy are predictable. I literally laughed out loud when you outlined the traits of a rebound and checked off each and every one.

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