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My mom has been playing the field since her second divorce, almost a decade now I think.

Titles and restrictions are there to serve the couple, to give you the security you want and need to be able to build a life together.

my man is so far from perfect tho and this sure hasnt been a happy love story, but he is my mr perfect anyway 98% of the time!

if you love him and are willing to wait till hes ready you might both be very happy together. When I was in high school and really didn't have anything but time to pursue a relationship, I was a little put off if two weekends went by before the guy I was dating was my official boyfriend.

What other people think of you should never be a reason to change your relationship.

If you don't like the sound of seeing each other, try "Immortal Beloved" or "Better half" or "Master" pick a term that makes you comfortable but don't let an obsession about this stuff make the guy you love uncomfortable.

Until there is a ring on your finger or children in your arms relationships are completely at-will.

Leave if it's not the relationship you want to be in, but don't allow yourself to feel wronged because your guy likes you but not the responsibility of a comitted relationship.

To kandiapple, most likely the guy doesnt want to get serious with you yet either because he is seeing someone else that he likes at the moment or he wants to date around more.

the girl that doesnt get the title (thats low class), f*ck buddies, etc.

I think thats important to me and i want to end it with him bc of that, but i do really like him.

I think as a general rule you shouldn't be thinking seriously being in a relationship with a guy while you're still concerned that they'll never commit to you.

If their availability is on your mind it's unlikely you have the sort of trust you should to be entering a long term relationship with them. Its almost like we're boyfriends and girlfriends but without the title.

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I don't think I can wait more than 2 months though.

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