What means dating someone

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Murray told me there are some keywords to look for."Every guy says they want someone fun, but if they go into more than that, it's a good sign they may be more relationship-minded.Some popular words guys use are things like caring, loving, smart, down to earth, happy, best friend, and even someone who's interested in family," she said.

"This suggests he is keen to be real and will lay all his cards on the table before entering into something," Reddle told me. Female friends of mine have noticed that those who are happy to talk about their flaws tend to be more genuine." .So if the words that pop into your head when you see a guy's photo are words like "intimidating," "serious," or "angry," swipe left.Perry said that photos that show the types of activities they enjoy doing, or feature them engaging with friends and family can be signs he's boyfriend material — just be sure that the activities he enjoys aren't mean-spirited and petty."We found that 'relationship' is the third most popular word men over 50 mention when describing who they're looking for. For younger guys, it's not one of the top 20 phrases but they do still mention it." So believe him when he says he's looking for something serious (and believe him if he says he isn't).At the end of the day, you can't know whether a guy would be good boyfriend material until you know what it is you're looking for in a boyfriend.

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