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What are multifocal and accommodating lenses

This is why they are classified as “accommodating IOLs.” An implantable lens designed to correct presbyopia, the Tecnis® Multifocal allows cataract patients to live without reading glasses or bifocals.Unlike a monofocal lens which only corrects vision at a distance, the Tecnis® Multifocal provides high quality eyesight whether near, far or somewhere in between.

As we get older, the lenses in our eyes begin to lose their flexibility (making it harder to focus) and their optical clarity (making it harder to see clearly).

However, many people need glasses to ensure the best possible eyesight.

If you suspect you need glasses but aren’t sure, review these common signs.

However as with monofocal lenses, you will still need glasses for near and intermediate distances.

Toric - Toric lenses correct for astigmatism, which is caused when the cornea is shaped irregularly.

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After the cataract is removed from the eye in a vacuum process, an IOL is folded up, inserted through the incision and then allowed to reopen in the eye.

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