Validating parser saml

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Validating parser saml

OASIS published a charter for a proposed TC to define an integrated collaboration object model supporting a complete range of enterprise collaboration activities.The ICOM data model is based upon the Oracle Beehive Object Model.KMIP addresses requirements for key lifecycle management, key sharing, and long-term availability of cryptographic objects (public/private keys, certs, symmetric keys).Oracle Beehive Object Model Proposed for Standardization in OASIS ICOM TC.Charter Proposed for OASIS Emergency Management Adoption Technical Committee.

The TC will standardize KMIP for interoperability of key management services with key management clients.Distributed Management Task Force has published "Open Virtualization Format Specification v1.0 as a DMTF Standard.OVF describes an open, secure, portable, and extensible format for packaging and distribution of software to be run in virtual machines.The W3C XML Security Working Group has published eight (First Public) Working Drafts for review, including "XML Signature 1.1" and "XML Encryption 1.1".Members of the WG would appreciate feedback on these documents, with special attention to the algorithms and other proposed changes.

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Microsoft announced the publication of an initial set of document-format implementation notes for the company's ODF 1.1 implementation in Office 2007 SP2.