User control not updating visual studio

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User control not updating visual studio

User controls are rapid way to develop custom functionality.There are three steps involved in creating user controls. When I run the program it compiles fine but when it executes I dont recieve generating an exception for textbox control.. If i just run one or the other all is fine the program functions correctly.. Is where all the subs and functions for say the "textbox" controls exist I made copies of those and converted them over to "Rad Text Box". But when I try to use say a windows textbox along side a radtextbox example: So the 4 places ,two for get Controlvalues , Two for Setcontrolvalues.

Does anyone know what I might be missing to make it also show up in Visual Studio?

even though the c.names are different some how it prevents me from executing it when they are together and both active.

When I drag the control from the toolbox into Visual Studio it does not display in Visual Studio, instead it shows the littel green arrow and nothing else.

Android\Command Handlers\Debug Command Handler.cs:line 124 at Xamarin.

Start Debugger(IProgress Report progress, IAndroid Project Properties properties, Android Device device, String package, String activity, Project project) in C:\d\lanes0975bd11\source\xamarinvs\src\Core\Visual Studio.

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