Updating table high processor utlization

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Updating table high processor utlization

I have been working with computers for my entire life.I am 7 courses away from completing my Bachelors in ITM to include obtaining soon to come Certifications.We experience regular slowdowns on our MS SQL database.

Having narrowed the usage problem down to one of the "svchost.exe" Processes and the "wuauserv" Service within that Process labeled as Windows Update, I confirmed that it was this Service causing at least the CPU usage issue by stopping it, I went ahead and ran a manual Windows Update only to learn that it searches for new updates endlessly.If the ratio of SQL Recompilations/sec to Batch Requests/sec is high then it potentially indicates a problem.Setup and monitor these counters: You can find more information about the SQL Statistics Object in MSDN Library.Look for the Processor:% Processor Time counter: if it regularly exceeds 80% of the processor time per CPU then most probably you're facing a CPU related bottleneck.Some of the CPU intensive operations are compilation and recompilation.

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Another counter to detect CPU related problems is the SQL Server: Cursor Manager By Type - Cursor Requests/Sec counter which shows you the cursors used on your server.