Updating spybot

Posted by / 12-Feb-2020 05:21

so I assume the reply is to the wrong post and should be made to the original poster. Un-install has VERY particular steps to be done BEFORE removing via Add/Delete programs, if not done so..have given you a corrupted new install.

You can find the update function by choosing Update from the Spybot-S&D; section in the toolbar to the left.New files will be shown in the list, where you can select them and press the Download updates button afterwards.During download, every finished file will get a green check mark. I figured that Cyber Patrol was blocking my Spy Bot from updating. I log into Cyber Patrol, and shut it down, and Spybot still won't update.Then I turned off my Windows Firewall, and it still won't update. In addition, Cyber Control is not worth the money, it's rubbish. Mike Dropping letters on HTG is a regular thing and not too much to worry about!

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There is no help or support information and you are left clueless why this problem is occurring?

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