Updating nvidia bootcamp driver macbook preconsolidating

Posted by / 11-Dec-2019 13:35

If you’re on some other (non-Mac) 64-bit machine that uses a 32-bit EFI, well… Warning: You’re best to skip below and create the disk image yourself.

Most linux distros use multi-catalog images so that they support both BIOS and EFI.

Thus, it is not recommended unless you’re an advanced user.

– Note: A number of people have difficulty installing Manjaro on these Macs.

At the time, I was having trouble getting the latest 64-bit Linux distro DVDs to boot.

Eventually I came across which actually did boot and install.

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At the very least you will have to manually partition to force Manjaro to avoid EFI, and may run into other fights along the way.

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