Updating mailscanner

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Updating mailscanner

if you arent, that could be your problem by itself. is it possible that the userpermissions are such that clamd can not read the files that the mailer is generating and therefor getting "STUCK" on them instead of skipping them?

Any of that is possible, but I have no idea how to verify etc.

GPG verification of the archive is used to solve that problem.

sa-update has the concept of ``release trusted'' GPG keys.

one other problem that you may or may not be having, clamav comes with TWO AV scanners.

that problem is LONG since fixed and you should be running clamdscan to scan the files.

Some information about our setup: The SMTP gateway is a Linux box that has CLAMSCAN (AV I think) & Spam Assassin installed on it.

I am not sure what else it has installed & what it does with our email (it was set up by an ex-sys admin that is no longer with the company).

All I know is that it was working fine & then stopped....nothing could have changed since no one ever touches that box.

As far as upgrading goes, I would really prefer not do any upgrades since we are going to be replacing this box anyway & don't feel comfortable doing an upgrade.

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By default, it will only access ``updates.spamassassin.org'', but more channels can be specified via this option.