Updating kitchen cupboards radiometric age dating for kids

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Updating kitchen cupboards

– Latex paint does not take that well to sanding, especially if it’s not 1000% dry.Even then, it just doesn’t look that great once its been sanded. Prior to my kitchen “remodel-rearranging” I had a u-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar.Now that we’ve removed that bar and part of the “u,” I have space in the middle of the kitchen for an island!The exception is when painting over mahogany or cherry stains – lucky me. – Chalk paint has super fast drying time, usually about an hour.I could paint a section of doors, and by the time I was done, the first ones were ready to be painted again. You can get the smoothest, silkiest finish by sanding appropriately.

– I’ve also read that the wax finish doesn’t protect well against oil, which could spell disaster in the kitchen.In my experience, you really need a full 24 hours between each coat, and maybe more if the weather is really warm.For a project like kitchen cabinets that need 3-4 coats of paint, that’s just not an option for me.I have used it a lot for furniture, but this has been my first experience with using it on kitchen cabinets, and it has been a great learning experience.I will write a full post on what I did to get a perfect finish on my cabinets, but for now I’ll just share a photo of how they are turning out (not done with all of them yet! Pros – In general, chalk paint requires almost no preparation, and really just needs a clean surface to adhere to.

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And when you have a massive kitchen with 10 You want your kitchen cabinets to look GOOD.