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Updating indiana opensource

Compared to all, or most other branches, loading the LTSB desktop is like Breakfast at Tiffany's (the original, with Audrey Hepburn smiling at you :)) Not 100% sure, but I think that it can run unregistered FOREVER; that is, until it gets to be generally accepted (which, it's well on the way - unfortunately). =) For a large organization, using non LTSB means you are committed to a Windows 10 upgrade every 12 months minimum. CB month 1, CBB month 4, couple of months testing and rollout, by month 6 your done and you have 12 months before you reach EOL for that build Geeze MS get a grip, we have a business to run , with 600 applications, and we need to test them all.Yes all none of your agile, fail fast , fast rings, slow rings blah blah blah , etc etc BS you spout.Yes..use GPO to set a partial Start Menu Layout for users.Everything works fine if we image with either 1607 or 1703 from a blank hard drive.The numbers will be lower and they can just chose to roll over them - and keep their business "increasing profits in the next quarter". Enterprises don't want flashy new features, they want stability.

600 end devices running Win 10 - Which is a big improvement over Win 7 Pro - that we used previously IF MS did make a mistake and stopped supporting LTSB - Education is not basic/Raw enough (it still comes with many unwanted "freebies" - we would probably go opensource !!

Enterprises don't want flashy new features, they want stability. One thing I cannot risk every spring and fall is my testing applications being broken.

Candy Crush, Xbox, what part of school IT did you miss M$?

The right answer really is for MS to not act like they know better about what should or shouldn't be installed on a Corporate workstation than the company who owns the computers...we all know that's prolly never going to happen.

All future versions of Windows 10 installed over 1703 should not reinstall UWP apps you previously uninstalled.

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I also have some legacy apps that broke with Anniversary update, that can't be fixed.

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