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I knew this wasn’t the case, as it was very clearly mentioned that it _was_ supported.After several hours of poking, prodding, trying different versions of ESXi, updating the system board BIOS, tinkering with BIOS settings, trying Windows – thinking maybe, just maybe ESXi wasn’t going to work, I gave up and sent an email to Intel. - Installed: Bindings for Python 2.4 - Installed: Bindings for Python 2.6Updating the boot archive... - Loaded: Zone access service Installing Python bindings...I am getting around 50fps when running Stellarium 0.10.4 under Windows XPUpdate... - Loaded: Zone access service Installing Python bindings...Virtual Box v3.2.10 installs and runs okay, I used the uname script method to temporarily replace /sbin/uname before adding the package and then removing it after the installation has completed. - Installed: Bindings for Python 2.4 - Installed: Bindings for Python 2.6Updating the boot archive...This led us to believe that the Free NAS team did more than simply install their web GUI on top of Free BSD.

Free NAS 8.3 is based on Free BSD 8.3 and includes ZFS v28.Details, as I posted on the openindiana-discuss mailing list: Unpack the package:# pkgtrans Virtual Box-3.2.8-Sun OS-r64453.(note the "." at the end of the command).This extracts the package into a directory called SUNWvbox.(If you don’t have a bootable USB stick you can make it using: Flash DOS.shtml With our ZFSBuild2012 project, we definitely wanted to revisit the performance of Free NAS, and were fortunate enough to have Free NAS 8.3 released while we were running benchmarks on the ZFSBuild2012 system.It is obvious that the Free NAS team worked on the performance issues, because version 8.3 of Free NAS is very much on par with Nexenta in terms of performance (at least when doing i SCSI over gigabit Ethernet based benchmarks).

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To test our theory, we benchmarked ZFSGuru 0.2.0-beta 7 installed onto Free BSD 9.1, which also included ZFS v28.

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