Updating hp media smart server memory

Posted by / 17-Jun-2020 04:51

Updating hp media smart server memory

I have had a Windows Home Server for several years and after reading many reviews decided to take the plunge and migrate my original server (an HP Media Smart EX470) to WHS 2011. There are a number of things to consider: - The Media Smart EX470/475 servers come with an AMD 1.8Ghz Sempron 3400 processor which is 64 bit capable.

You will need to upgrade your memory to 2Gb at least.

UPDATE: There is also another guide by Sean Daniel on installing WHS2011 on the Media Smart – Details here.

Short Version: HP sure knows how to make a Windows Home Server.

It’s essentially a repacked remote desktop client, but it gets the job done.

Because of these updates, an HP Media Smart server can live comfortably on an all-Mac network.

It still has the same media collecting, i Phone-streaming and transcoding software in previous models, but the Media Collector works a lot better on Macs now.

Well, not this used one, but rather a brand new one?

HP started with the OS X support last January, but it wasn’t the greatest.

The backup didn’t allow for a full restore and users still had to search out third-party solutions to access the device remotely via OS X. Now OS X can be fully backed up and restored just like a PC by using a separate restore disc.

For 0 you can build a 5TB system around the Acer using 2TB hard drives, which is a lot better deal if can live without the extra HP software (you probably can). I don’t have anything against the system besides the aforementioned pricing.

If you don’t mind paying a premium for software, buy it without hesitation.

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All this extra software HP has thrown in is bordering on intrusive though.