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Updating esx

However, it is always a good idea to have a current backup before performing maintenance tasks on the server.

Software update settings are uploaded and installed via the System card Updates tab of the SEMS administrative interface.

Due to this, I finally deleted EVERY item which syncs with a DP, deleted the DP, reinstalled it, and rebuilt the packages all from scratch. Since then, I've used my MDT boot images since I couldn't rebuild the native ones as they couldn't be deleted for rebuild. I watched the SP1 upgrade log last night and it did throw error when updating one of the native boot images. If I did, could I just uninstall the DP role and wait for everything to be processed or would I have to remove the DP from each individual package first? Could it be that the SCCMContent Lib$'s share need to have it's owner set to the same account?

I had tried to just uninstall / reinstall the DP, but even then still got mismatches. Any other suggestions to prevent having to rebuild are also welcome :) Thanks! This was running when I stopped the share, it automatically re-created the share, allowed one package to be added to DP, then threw errors again if anyone's interested... This is what most packages are distributed to - not the individual DPs (even though I think it adds all 4 individually when choosing a group) Which would be the option I'd need to use? Not going to try that yet as don't want to get in too deep with workarounds - unless someone has any other ideas...

One think to keep in mind is that you’ll have to deal with drivers issues and post-conversions clean-ups, removing ghosted devices from the destination VM etc.

Whenever you need to sync the source VM with the destination VM, just RDP to your VM If part of your infrastructure is still physical, and you do not have enough funds to buy a commercial product (there are tons), it might be a cheap free solution.v Sphere 6.5 supports both existing and next-gen apps through: v Sphere 6.5 provides a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that is the ideal foundation for any cloud environment.It offers innovation that will enable digital transformation for the enterprise, and makes the IT administrator’s job simpler, freeing up their time, so they can innovate rather than maintain status quo.Note: Updates to the Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) software are not propagated among cluster members; all servers in a cluster must be updated manually.PUP File Update: You do not need to backup and restore your data to perform an update when upgrading using a PUP file.

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