Updating dvd decoder

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Updating dvd decoder

(Check the Help documentation for your burner if you’re not sure how to do this.) Configure your firewall It’s possible that a firewall is blocking the burn from proceeding.

For solutions, see Configuring Real Player to work with a firewall.

You may get an “Insert Blank Disc” or “No Disc Detected” error message if: – The disc is not in the correct drive – The disc is not blank – The disc is not supported (Real Player can’t burn to Dual-layer or Blu-Ray discs) 4. How long depsnds on the size of the file you want to burn and the speed fo your computer.

For example, it can take 20 minutes to an hour even for short files (and as long as 4 hours for a full-length movie).

Download (mirror link) = A mirror link to the software download. Download old versions = Free downloads of previous versions of the program.

Download 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this version.

Before starting the burn, disable your screen saver; then, once burning has started, simply leave your computer alone for an hour or two, and then check back.In order to burn DVDs you’ll need to make sure that Real Player Plus is installed on your Windows computer (this feature isn’t available for Mac users) and that your computer has at least 1GB of RAM and either a DVD burner installed or connected to your computer. Once Real Player Plus is installed you’ll need to sign in, which you can do by selecting that option from the Real Player drop down menu in the upper left corner of the application.You’ll need to enter your email address and account password.Once you’re signed in “Plus” will appear on the menu bar of Real Player.Note: If you see the option to sign out that means you’re already signed in. In order to burn DVDs you need to be able to play the video clip in Real Player.

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