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Updating database using asp

collection and can include hard-coded values, common parameter source values (querystring fields, session variables, Web control values, and so on), or can be programmatically assigned.

Picture Box1 Properties: Border Style=Fixed3D; Size Mode=Strech Image Note that Open File Dialog control appears below the form (not on the form), which can be used for browsing an image. So it is better to convert image into binary data and insert that binary data into database and convert that back to image while retrieving records.

With the Sql Data Source, we need to provide SQL statements (or stored procedures) to execute.

As we'll see in this tutorial, these statements can be created manually or can be automatically generated by the Sql Data Source s Configure Data Source wizard.

Alternatively, the Sql Data Source can be used in place of the Object Data Source.

Recall that to support inserting, updating, and deleting, with the Object Data Source we needed to specify the object layer methods to invoke to perform the insert, update, or delete action.

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And it seems your Index action and Update Grid uses the same code and therefor you can use a single action and return different results.

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