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) The screen protector available from ZTE Australia website is crystal clear and cheap. Re: /archive/2534736#r52889952 @Sifu Dean whrl.pl/Re Pe BN Today I experienced a similar problem for the second time.My phone was around 85% charged before I started work at 7AM.

I've not used a good camera so have nothing to compare it too – perhaps someone else can comment on this? This would be a deal breaker in that regard as I have two young kids and a dog that'd be the focus of most of my shots. Waiting for my SD card to arrive so my other option is to wait a couple of days and update to B10 manually.

50/50 on that one – With the B10 update via OTA we have about 14 users report directly to us that they basically bricked their devices... So for the next release we are not committing to FOTA for such a major update. If we just do it via SDcard method then B11 is not required. (Edit – this is for all manufacturers now releasing next version devices) I know everyone is champing at the bit to get the next released but wait for the local version to come out and avoid additional risk to bricking your device using the foreign releases. Hi Dean, one of our axon 7 phones we bought fron gear best before aussie release the other 2 from jb hifi Will we be able to update using the local noughart update when it is released for all 3 phones?

We don't want any users – not a single one – to have a issue updating their devices so we are leaning towards SDcard for our next update. We may do both as HQ don't mind the risk as they have changed the FOTA module in B11 to try and eliminate the risk of failure that occurred for the 14 users (I quote that number as it is the number I know of and I think others just swapped at JB). thanks in advance If by FOTA then no as the update won't appear on non-AU stock.

SDcard has never failed (touching wood as I type this) for me or any of the others and I have updated alot of AXON 7's via this method. If by SDcard method then....maybe, just don't know.

The issue is I don't know if the Gearbest H/W is our stream or not.

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