Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

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Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

You can also check to see which options are dynamic by looking at the is_dynamic column of the sys.configurations catalog view.

For more information, see RECONFIGURE (Transact-SQL). Some configuration options, such as affinity mask and recovery interval, are designated as advanced options.

[ @configvalue= ] ' is int, with a default of NULL.

See Azure SQL Database Managed Instance T-SQL differences from SQL Server for details for all T-SQL behavior changes.The values for config_value and run_value are not automatically equivalent.After updating a configuration setting by using sp_configure, the system administrator must update the running configuration value by using either RECONFIGURE or RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE. Value to which the configuration option was set using sp_configure (value in sys.configurations.value).The config_value is the value that SQL Data Warehouse will use when reconfiguration is complete.The run_value is the value that is currently being used.

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The following example shows how to set and list all configuration options.