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United arab emirate community dating

From here, our journey takes us into the Omani enclave on the spectacular Musandam Peninsula.

Our next stop is Oman proper; we travel through a multitude of landscapes: flat deserts with beautiful oases, dry, jagged mountains, plains dotted with hills and acacia trees and narrow river valleys.

Highly recommend Laura for her services as a first class tour leader. I thought the quality of the hotels was always very good to excellent. We had a good introduction to the essential sights of these countries and the local guides were all good at sharing information and insights. Loved the 4X4 excursion into the Musandam Peninsula. Really enjoyed exploring the lost city of As Sab and the other mountain villages in the area. There are also displays of costumes, textiles, embroideries and jewelry of the Islamic world.

She was very down to earth with conversations with everyone. We also visit the Kuwait Maritime Museum with its excellent insight into the seafaring heritage of Kuwait.

We had one of the best tour leaders ever, and I have been on a hundred trips.

A great trip, the people I know who've seen the grin on my face know that I've enjoyed my trip, ALOT !

The UAE is next on our destination list and here we have the chance to check out Abu Dhabi's unique architecture, which is an intriguing interpretation of Islamic designs crafted in modern materials, as well as one of the most futuristic cities in the world, Dubai.The local guides were, across the board, excellent.The transportation was comfortable, dependable, and drivers were very courteous, helpful, and pleasant.This foray through the fascinating cultures and beautiful countryside of the Persian Gulf region begins in Kuwait City, which, after an extensive restoration and rebuilding effort, bears little resemblance to the war-devastated area left behind after the Iraqi invasion.We visit the famous landmarks, perhaps even take a high-speed elevator up the Kuwait Towers, and tour the remarkable museums, where we can appreciate ancient Islamic art, calligraphy, pottery, embroideries and jewellery.

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It was an amazing and wonderful trip to an intriguing part of the world. The economic, cultural, and political capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City sits on the shores of the Persian Gulf, and is a mixture of exclusive Western-style hotels, designer shopping malls, traditional Islamic architecture, and street markets. We will begin with one of Kuwait's most famous landmarks, the Kuwait Towers, an iconic landmark on Kuwait's skyline.

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