True stories of dating abuse

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True stories of dating abuse

It took a long time for Kristina Erickson to realize that she had been raped in a dorm at Beloit College. Erickson later wrote an essay for the student newspaper in which she disclosed that her mother had been raped while she was a student at Beloit in the 1980s.“I am a legacy child in more ways than one,” she wrote, “and I have inherited the rape culture on our campus that I’m sure she prayed would be gone by the time I got here.”Erickson, 23, graduated from Beloit in 2013 and teaches high school English in the Phoenix area.

In that case, she filed a complaint with the college.

He was sober, he was tired, he had a girlfriend, he had absolutely no intention of having sex with her, he said. I have yet to forgive that girl for that incident,” he said.

Even though the woman’s advances were unwanted, he said he didn’t consider it to be a sexual assault.

“She could not have known that she was doing anything wrong,” he said Daniel Episcope has definitely seen some troubling things in college, like when he visited a big state school and saw a guy slipping something into punch he was mixing for a party. ” The guy shrugged, he said, and answered: “You gotta do what you gotta do to get some.”So Episcope worried about women getting into bad situations, and thought, “We need to protect the girls.” But over time, he came to believe, with surprise, that it was more complicated than that: “It happens to both sides.”When he was a sophomore studying abroad in Shanghai, some other exchange students suddenly started pouring him shots.

But later, in her senior year, a flashback crystallized what had gone wrong, and she broke down sobbing.

The summer before her senior year, an acquaintance invited her to watch a movie in his dorm room on campus.

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