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Troy aikman dating erin andrews

w=259" data-large-file=" w=513" class="alignright size-full wp-image-203718 image--no-bleed" title="83rd MLB All-Star Game" src="https://s0com/wp-content/themes/vip/plugins/lazy-load-0.7/images/1x1.trans.gif" alt data-lazy-src=" A radio host in Philly, Mike Missanelli, has a contest where the fan who can get the biggest celebrity to call into his show wins Philadelphia Eagles tickets. Some kid tweeted to Erin Andrews and asked her to call in. Little did Andrews know she would be under intense questioning about her All-Star game sartorial selection from six weeks prior. Not to mention the fact that MLB put in a dress code for the media. Spent a few years as a sportswriter in newspapers, then a few years as a magazine reporter, and freelanced for many outlets before starting The Big Lead in 2006. last question, the rumor is, are you dating Troy Aikman? Did he forget what happened the last time she wore a short dress to a baseball game?It didn’t really hit me when my assignment was first handed down. The atmosphere, the fans, the players and the impact it has on all of us.

], guess what, if I had done that, people would have criticized me … KANSAS CITY, MO – JULY 10: Fox Sports reports Erin Andrews interviews National League All-Star Chipper Jones #10 (L) and America League All-Star Mike Trout #27 (R) of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during the 83rd MLB All-Star Game at Kauffman Stadium on July 10, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri. MM: No, I wasn’t talking poorly, I was just questioning the thought process and you’ve explained it to me … EA: But that was a sundress what are you talking about? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) " data-medium-file=" The audio is here; Andrews calls into the show about 6/10 of the way through. Actually, what are you wearing right now since you’re such a big stylist over there … (If you’re interested, Jenn Sterger – yes, that one – called in too, about 4/10 of the way through.) Here’s a partial transcript of the Andrews interview: [.] Mike Missanelli: the dress … EA: Oh gosh, I disagree with you, but I appreciate you knowing female style …

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There are a million things to ask Erin Andrews, yet Missanelli beats the dress story to death?