Trouble updating wii

Posted by / 15-Feb-2020 04:20

Well, different experience using another broadband supplier (sky). Just hope future updates don't have the same issues! Wi Fi connected automatically rather than requiring manual entry AND the update worked first time. The update went smoothly for myself on launch day, which is something i was not expecting after hearing some of the storys about it being 5GB and that it takes upto 3 hours. Anyway the update worked first time at their house.

I have unlimited data on my phone so am trying that as a Wi-fi hotspot, so far so good, connected instantly and now down loading. Must have tried at least 20 odd times with no luck.

Downloads and once update reach approx 30% slows down and gives the error. I'm kind of glad I chose BT over Virgin when it came to switching to fibre optic broadband.

I've heard too many issues with Virgin's service.

After more than two years at it, he became a You Tube Partner, which was unprecedented among Let's Players (multiple others have since become partners), due to the legal "gray area" that showing game footage entails.

He was also part of a collective of gamers called The Game Station (since rebranded as Polaris), which looked to be shaping up as an alternative to, before he went independent some years later.

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