Traverse city online dating

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Traverse city online dating

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Her biggest fear is not death, she said, but a normal life.

"I've never been well or happy for a long period of time so when I do feel like I'm doing well I'm afraid because it's not a feeling I'm familiar with and it scares me," Correa said.

"When I do become clean, I've got to become a new person because I've been this other person for so long." Lamb believes the path to helping addicts like Correa is to meet them where they are, engage them, invite them to safe spaces, and offer opportunities for treatment.

And if they're not ready, offer opportunities to fulfill their basic needs, like housing or food, until they are ready.

"There are people out here that can sell cars to people that don't want them," Lamb said.

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All agree that just arresting addicts won't solve the problem.