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Trail dating

More often than not, couples will drag out their relationships to end it before it turns into a giant gallon of spoiled milk.No one wants to be around your soured relationship, not even you.Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves: We usually have very specific expectations in mind about what romance is "supposed" to look and feel like.What we should remember instead is there isn’t just time during his hike he voluntarily took a break. Allow me to state some completely obvious knowledge: Nothing goes as planned.

If you answered yes, long-term relationships need to pick your damn battles.

At the time, it meant to the world to me, after being apart for over two months. (Answer: yes.)Ultimately, I realized all those "expected" romantic gestures prior to the trail were completely trivial. If you’re a rational human being, you totally get that, and you know how to deal with it. When sh*t hits the fan, it's important to pay attention to how you and your SO conquer the challenge together.

Who cares about flowers and cards when I can have my dirty, malnourished hiker to myself for the whole day? Mistaking movie romance for real life will lead you down a long road to disappointment. Things aren’t always easy, and if the hard times make you want to strangle each other, it's a good indicator your future together is pretty nonexistent.

But what if, in some way, your partner drastically changed his or her appearance?

Are you in the relationship for your partner's body or your partner's heart?

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What I've learned from all this is the more you trust someone, the more patient you'll be.

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