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George Orwell suggested in his war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength thesis that the masses fall for the ruling powers lies because their critical thinking has been so repressed they will believe any absurdity in contradiction of the plain facts.Orwell famously added: Who controls the past controls the future.Members of the secret society controlled the United States, the White House, the Federal Reserve System and Wall Street.They likewise controlled Britain, Downing Street, the Bank of England and the City - the financial district of London.The Fake History and Fake News pejoratives (like Conspiracy Theory before them) have only recently entered common parlance, but the falsification of history and news reporting is as old as history itself.For many a long year television news channels and newspapers owned or controlled by the Money Power (including the British Broadcasting Corporation), have been feeding us a daily diet of fake information.Consequently, both the need and the material for correcting historical myths are most evident and profuse in connection with wars.

Before we examine how history is actually faked we need to understand who fakes it.

It will most definitely elicit howls of derision and cries of This essay cannot cover the many thousands of examples of historical falsehoods or omissions we found in our historical research our books do that - but it explains in detail how the men behind the curtain actually create fake history.

It is complex and the article is, by necessity, long because corners cannot be cut in relating this hugely important issue.

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