Three day dating rule numbers dating sim

Posted by / 15-Jul-2020 01:27

And yes, it IS ok to contact her before the 3 Days are up, because if she likes you, she will want to hear from you.

The 3 Day Rule is bearable, annoying, but bearable.

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If she likes you, you will be on her mind and she’ll be excited to hear from you.

When you do contact the girl again, don’t blow up her phone with several messages, just ask how her day is going and be short and sweet, or say you had a great time meeting her.

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If she is annoyed of it, perhaps she’s just not that into YOU, and waiting longer isn’t going to make you that much more appealing. After you have a fabulous date with a guy, he’s MIA for a whole week? What men’s magazines will tell you is completely nuts.