Theory on online dating

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Theory on online dating

On a dating site, lots of members mean lots of available potential matches.Assuming the algorithm of each site you visit is good at matching members, if you're given 10 matches from a site with 100 members and 10 from a site with 10,000, bigger is better.

While disclosures may have changed after the economic collapse, there's no question people who have more to gain will say something positive.In the beginning, people establish relationships by disclosing many simple, harmless facts through small talk.As relationships grow, the rate of self-disclosure slows while the facts disclosed become increasingly intimate in nature.In the book, I use the example of buying a pair of jeans: If you have an hour to shop, would you rather be in Manhattan or in a rural community?The city, of course, because there are more options and more chances you'll find what you need.

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Social Penetration Theory explains these differences in communication in relation to the depth of interpersonal relationships.

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