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Which layer of the hierarchical design model provides a means of connecting devices to the network and controlling which devices are allowed to communicate on the network? Beginning with HR servers and workstations, a network engineer is designing a new security structure for the network.

Which set of policies adheres to the hierarchical network model design principles?

Perform all port access and Layer 3 security functions on C1. Which hierarchical design model layer controls the flow of network traffic using policies and delineates broadcast domains by performing routing functions between virtual LANs (VLANs)? A network administrator is selecting a switch that will operate at the network core.

Which three features should the switch support for optimum network performance and reliability?

Use Layer 3 security functions on S1 to deny all traffic into and out of S1.

Semister 3: Chapter 1 Take Assessment - ESwitching Chapter 1 - CCNA Exploration (Version 4.0) 1.

Which layer of the hierarchical network design model is refered to as the high-speed backbone of the internetwork, where high availability and redundancy are critical?

Implement Layer 3 switching on S1 to reduce the packet processing load on D1 and D2.

Install all security processing on S1 to reduce network traffic load. Use Layer 3 access control features on D1 and D2 to limit access to the HR servers to just the HR subnet.

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