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Stories mother son dating

I promise I would never judge you or ridicule you in a time like this." I said.He took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes which if you knew my son, you'd know he was serious. He was tall for his age standing at 6'2" but more on the lanky side build wise.The one "normal" thing he did still enjoy was girls. You are young and relationships at this age rarely last very long." I said trying to reassure my son that this is a normal part of growing up. "Well..." He said nervously biting his nails as he tried to find the words."Would you look at it and make sure that it is normal? Did my son really just ask me to look at his penis? It wouldn't be the first time I have seen your penis." I said jokingly.My shy, timid, loner son had asked me to make sure his penis was normal. "I did use to bathe you ya know." "I know but this is different." He said.I promise there is nothing to be embarrassed about" I said before looking him up and down trying to process the situation.Sitting on the bed my eyes were level with his stomach so I knew when he took off the towel it would be right there in front of me.

One hand pulled one side of the towel open followed by his other hand tugging at the other side and the towel fell to the floor.I chugged down a full glass and poured myself a second to sip on as I waited for him to call out. He avoided making eye contact with me as I walked in and sat at the foot of his bed in front of him.After a few minutes I heard his voice faintly down the hall and I walked towards his room. "Okay Tyler whenever you are ready you can take off the towel."Well hun it is totally normal to begin to discover your sexuality at your age.I know I was doing the same at your age." "Well neither of us had ever done more than make out with someone before then.

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