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Kathleen Free Aiken was born in 1909, either in Englewood, as her daughter, Bev Drusen, thinks, or in Tadmore, as her sister, Evelyn Free, told the RTHS in an oral history. The Society has her grade cards from high school, showing she took, in addition to the normal academic subjects, domestic science, music and Bible.

The second wave began after the National Road had reached the township in 1838 and brought mainly German Baptist families overland from Pennsylvania.

Information on families, individuals and businesses listed on this webpage has been gleaned from genealogies and documents donated to Randolph Township Historical Society (RTHS) by descendants, as well as from public records. The contents of some of these diaries have been transcribed.

An important source of firsthand information includes daily diaries written by individuals who lived in Randolph Twp. Several such diaries or journals have been donated to RTHS: Cleo Beery, 1923–1928; Libbie Rinehart Burger, 1892–1909; David E. Eby, 1864–65; Ollie Waymire Geuhring, 1894–1954; Ruth Sibert and Naomi Sibert Wenger, 1933–1956; and D. The transcriptions and original diaries may be accessed at the RTHS History Center.

While growing up, young Henry and probably some of his brothers and sisters attended a nearby subscription school. A century ago, such gatherings were commonplace – now they are vanishing as family members scatter across the country and world.

This most probably was a log school run by Quakers at West Branch. It is easier and less costly now to keep in touch with email, Facebook, and other types of social media.

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The minutes of the June 26, 1977 meeting (the 75th reunion of the Becker Family) held at Nashville Park on Rt. “[It] was a beautiful day but no one showed up for dinner, but myself [Elsie Shupe] and granddaughter, Angie Croft. Shortly after, Wilbur and Bessie Royer showed up, then Louis and his mother Ethel Knife came, then Ray Becker and Florence Becker. and his wife died at age 39 and only two sons were still alive in 1882, i.e., Lewis and Henry V., Jr. was born in Germany in 1816 and trained as a cabinetmaker. Shortly thereafter, he traveled to Fredericks-town, MD, then Vienna Crossroads, Clark Co., Ohio and then to Dayton. undoubtedly came west over the newly built National Road! The first at the head-waters was on the Jesse Kinsey farm on the NW corner of the old National Road. He also mentions that the foundation of Hamilton Turner's whiskey distillery stood across from the grist mill.