Steampunk dating

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Steampunk dating

Steampunk Tea Party: Premium Ticketed Activity Premium Tea Party ticket sales have closed and food has been ordered.However we would like to open the remaining Tea Dueling seats to interested participants.These extravagant machinations are forging an amazing niche for male body art lovers, and they are becoming one of the most popular categories in ink history.Anachronism is the theme behind steampunk body art, and these mind-blowing designs usually merge 19th century architecture with insanely creative designs that transcend the limits of cognitive thought.Aged, proper old-timey sex cries, woos, euphemisms and proper colorful words should be sprinkled liberally in your daily (and nightly) vocabulary. The New York Times has uncovered some old-timey personal ads that are a fantastic read.A proper starting point is to learn what to shout, and how to address your lover’s delicates and strengths. How your avenue so deftly swallows my trembling mast! “F, 18, Seeks Victorian Gentleman” by Pam Epstein has been duplicated here before the NYT asks you to pay to read something in the public domain.

Tea dueling is the art of gracefully dunking a tea biscuit into a “Cup of Brown Joy”, soaking it for five seconds, and then lifting it and cleanly “nomming” on it- all without dripping tea, losing biscuit fragments into the tea or on the table, and doing so after your fellow duelist.Your capital points shine and I must spend quickly, lest I die! Victorian critics derided the mostly male advertisers as wicked seducers, but the ads were a favorite among readers, who found them titillating glimpses into the hearts of strangers. Aetherweb dating sites and tele-phones are so very modern.By combining futuristic technologies with retro imagery, these inventive looks are truly unrivaled to modern men.As an aesthetic genre, steampunk is profoundly revolutionizing tattoos for gentlemen everywhere!

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Participants will face-oof against experienced tea duelers in this fun and unique activity.