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Evans, who writes about technology for Vice’s Motherboard, spent two years digging up archives and tracking down subjects to add to the canon of internet pioneers.

I want to have something that a young girl today can read and see herself in.

I always defined myself as an internet person and a net native. But I got to a point, I don’t know, maybe three or four years ago, where I started to feel like, as a person and more importantly as a woman, I didn’t really know what my place was anymore.

I didn’t feel as free to express myself on the internet as I had when I was younger.

So the people that designed this collaborative, exciting neutral egalitarian environment did not at all think about how the women would actually be dealing with using it.

It was very emblematic, I wanted to write about that.

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Claire Evans grew up as the daughter of a coder for Intel, and she never thought computers were strictly for boys.

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