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Seeing one circular rainbow is rare but seeing two together is just extremely lucky.But, just as a gradual realisation of what farming actually did to animals (starting with veal calves and foie gras) made me become a vegetarian, once I knew what a David Cameron Government had in store for Britain’s wildlife, and badgers in particular, I knew I had to square up and fight against his particularly nasty kind of Conservatism. I’m that bloke who risked his reputation on top of Buckingham Palace ten years ago at the Golden Jubilee, and who stepped out alone (and played live, I might add), at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. Nevertheless, Cameron, Agriculture Minister Jim Paice and Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman cling to this appalling policy, and one can only assume that they are pandering to a powerful farming leadership who helped elect them. But I am utterly opposed to pointless and wanton cruelty.North Carolina Teachers Go ' Red for Ed' Emboldened by a wave of similar protests across the country, teachers are rallying in North Carolina where they're demanding higher pay and increased education spending. ‘Dirty’ Jokes Found in Anne Frank’s Diary Entries Researchers have found “dirty” jokes in hidden passages of Anne Frank’s diary The passages were hidden under brown masking paper Researchers backlit, photographed and used image-processing software to discover the hidden texts Anne Frank wrote “dirty” jokes and also passages about sex and contraception She even made references to her father visiting prostitutes Frank van Vree, director of the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Queen ' Very Angry' at Meghan Markle's Father Meghan Markle’s father is front and center…in the drama-filled days leading up to the royal wedding.Beauty in Motion: Glow-Getter Celebrities are rocking it on the catwalk, the red carpet and social media. Learn how to master the highlighter glow in this week's episode of Beauty in Motion! nk During Concert It's not every day you get to perform for one of your idols, but that's exactly what 12-year-old P!

She married Luke Montagu, the next Earl of Sandwich.So I, along with the RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the League Against Cruel Sports, Born Free, The Badger Trust, and many others will be trying to enlist your help in the next few weeks to stop Cameron’s bloody plan for badger butchering. Perhaps that makes me sound like a violent extremist, which is how peaceful dissenters like me are often portrayed.Anyone who dares to disagree with the NFU or the Countryside Alliance is branded a nutter.I climbed up like that and, thank God, I saved the child,” Gassama said. [When] we went into the living room, I started to shake, I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down,” he added, as reported by AFP.After the rescue, Gassama was praised by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and invited to the Elysee Palace, where he met President Emmanuel Macron.

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Beautiful Double Circle Rainbow in Skies Over Montana Seeing one circular rainbow is rare but seeing two together is just extremely lucky.