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582 was from the earlier batch, 572 – 583, but had been fitted with the later type equipment from withdrawn 588 in 1934.

596 was a demonstration vehicle with later type equipment but a "transitional" body type, with a sloping front to the top deck.

I understand that part of this allocation involved Bradford in disposing of 10 older vehicles, and 10 1929 to 1931 six wheeler EE trolleys went to Newcastle. 573, 9/80 were from the earlier batch, with an earlier type of control equipment, and were nominally numbered 306, 309, 308 in the NCT fleet.

I believe that NCT did not place these 3 in service but am open to correction.

It would be interesting to know where this was taken.

The journey was from Scarborough to Whitby according to the info on the back.

The photograph would have been taken in the vicinity of Scarborough Railway Station-the post in the background looks to be carrying tramway wiring.

I note from Google Maps that the coastal road from Scarborough to Whitby is 19.3 miles long and takes 33 mins today.

The three that went to South Shields were all different in that there was a flat fronted one KW6658, a round fronted one KW 9459 and the former demonstrator KY 1360.

There is a picture of all three lined up after withdrawal on page 41 of the South Shields book published by Trolleybooks and this can be clearly seen.

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