Speed dating mechanics

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Speed dating mechanics

In 1959, Easton developed the Naval Space Surveillance system—the first radar network to track every single object orbiting over the United States.In the following decades, Easton turned his technology around, tracking objects on the ground from space.The technology continued to improve, and a variety of companies have invested in exoskeletons designed to help people with varying levels of paralysis or to assist workers on the job site.Re Walk, which holds this 2014 patent for a powered exoskeleton, builds an exoskeleton used in rehab centers that allows people with lower paralysis to learn to sit, stand, walk and even climb stairs.As computing technology advanced, the true value of 3D printing became apparent. Lewin surgically implanted a device in a 52-year-old patient.With metal-printing methods such as laser metal sintering, manufacturers are now 3D printing ambitious constructions such as bridges and rocket engines. The electronic device was not implanted in the patient's eye, but rather on the optical lobe of his brain.

Vanderlip then had the idea to incorporate pilot-friendly flight systems into a small, remotely-operated rotary aircraft.

Patent Name: "Retinal prosthesis and method of manufacturing a retinal prosthesis"The first attempt to restore sight to the blind was in 1968, when doctors G. By stimulating the neurons of the brain, the doctors caused the patient to see spots of light in half his field of vision.

Today, with much smaller electronics, sight-restoring devices can be implanted directly into the retina, as described in this 2013 patent.

Patent Name: "Apparatus for production of three-dimensional objects by stereolithography"Issued in 1986, the patent for a 3D-printer was ahead of its time.

The document outlines the basic technology used by most 3D printers: stereolithography, or light-solidification of resin.

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This allows the aircraft to tilt its rotors and fly in any direction while maintaining a level platform.

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